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Image of Early Gender Reveal Package (The Nub Whisperer x Parke Avenue)

Early Gender Reveal Package (The Nub Whisperer x Parke Avenue)


*PLEASE NOTE* I am currently away on holidays, any orders placed will not be completed until February 24th onwards...

Parke Avenue has teamed up with The Nub Whisperer to bring you the ultimate gender reveal package - find out your babies gender from as early as 12.5 weeks using just a copy of your baby ultrasound!

We are working with the extremely talented Natalie from The Nub Whisperer to bring you this exclusive gender reveal package. Natalie has 8 years experience working in gender clinics and specializing in early gender identification and has an amazing 99.2% accuracy and 5 star reviews in her early gender readings using the Nub Method.

The Nub Method is based on clear gender clues such as the angle and the shape of the nub, along with other factors like visibility, shadows and male markers. With Natalie's experience and education, you can be rest assured this method is highly accurate.

Natalie will complete a full draw and label of your ultrasound so it is clear to you what she can see, which ofcourse will include babies gender along with a full report with explanation. Once your babies gender has been confirmed with Natalie, I will also create you one of my baby ultrasound designs in either pink or blue (or any colour you like, if requested). Both of these designs will be emailed to you as digital files only, you will not receive a hard copy.

• Add the gender reveal package to your cart and checkout.
• You will receive an instant digital receipt/confirmation email from Parke Avenue, please REPLY to this email with your baby scan (IMPORTANT, your baby scan MUST be a full body profile and atleast 12.5 weeks gestation for your reading to be completed).
• You will then receive both designs via email within 48 hours, please keep an eye on your junk folder just in case it has landed there.

• We know how excited you are to find out your babies gender, so we will automatically prioritize these packages to ensure you receive your order within 48 hours - no rush order upgrade necessary!
• Scans must be dated 12.5 weeks + for the highest accuracy possible, this is due to babies still developing up until this point.
• If Natalie (The Nub Whisperer) can't be sure on your babies gender for any reason a "no result" will be given along with an explanation for it. If you receive a "no result", your order will be refunded in full.
• If by chance your babies gender has been identified incorrectly, no refund will be given, however Parke Avenue are happy to edit the colour of your baby ultrasound design at no extra charge.
• Designs are emailed as high resolution digital files only, where you can then download to your computer or smart phone. They are perfect for using on you social media accounts and the baby ultrasound art by Parke Avenue are safe to print up to A1 sizing. You will not receive a hard copy.
• Please double check your email when checking out, this is very important as this email is where your designs will be sent.

Although The Nub Whisperer are extremely confident in their opinion, we must state, like any ultrasound appointment, gender is not guaranteed until birth.

For more information on The Nub Whisperer, please see their website here:

Image of Early Gender Reveal Package (The Nub Whisperer x Parke Avenue)